SLT Consultancy Hub - can we help you?

The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Speech and Language Technologies (SLT) and their Applications is a groundbreaking PhD training centre which draws together world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise in computational processing of spoken and written language.

Speech and Language Technologies (SLTs) are a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches which allow apps, services, or devices to understand and respond to written or spoken language.

These technologies offer huge potential. Whether you’re an academic researcher whose work involves the analysis of documents, text, or speech; or a business wishing to enhance customer experience, increase employee productivity, provide additional services, or gain insights insights and value from existing documents, text, or speech; SLTs can offer a cost-effective way to do this. They are particularly useful when dealing with large volumes of data.

Trying to figure out whether new technology can be of value to your work can be difficult. In order to help with understanding some of these technologies, what they can do and what would be needed to get them into place we have launched the ‘SLT Consultancy Hub’. This is a PhD student-led consultancy (with experienced academic oversight) available to companies and academic researchers at no cost

Would you like to find out more about how SLTs can benefit your activities? For example…

Academic researcher

… would you love to do sentiment analysis over a large corpus of text but just don’t have the time or funds to do so manually? Or topic mining? Perhaps you’d like to pick out features of a person’s speech that correlate with a characteristic derived elsewhere? …


… would you like to conduct trend analysis from targeted web content? Extract insights from client feedback? Analyse a customer’s speech and adapt the call handler’s engagement in real-time? Deploy chatbots? …

Or maybe you’d simply like to know what’s possible.

Run by the CDT’s third and fourth year PhD students as well as CDT academics, the SLT Consultancy Hub will review your activities and needs before making an assessment of the relevant speech or language technologies (even performing a proof-of-concept initial data analysis if appropriate, but they don't have capacity to develop a full system) in order to deliver a set of personalised recommendations for adopting SLTs. And all for free.

Register your interest in accessing the SLT Consultancy Hub service and we’ll get back to you in a few days’ time to discuss how we can take your request further. There's no deadline for this - just get in touch!