Annual Conference 2023

Tuesday 13 June – Wednesday 14 June 2023

Our third annual SLT CDT conference was held in June 2023. This year it was held immediately prior to the national UK Speech 2023 conference

Both conferences were hosted in the University of Sheffield's newly opened The Wave building. 

The annual SLT CDT conference brings together researchers and practitioners from a range of areas with interests in computational processing of speech signals and written language.

The conference showcased the research being undertaken by our CDT’s PhD students and students from the University of Edinburgh's CDT in Natural Language Processing

Sheffield's SpandH and NLP research groups constitute one of the largest groupings of SLT researchers in the UK with world leading research publications and impact. 

The conference consisted of:

Conference registration fees covered access to all sessions (oral and poster), coffee breaks (morning and afternoon), buffet lunch on both days, as well as refreshments during the poster sessions.

Previous SLT CDT Annual Conferences: