Guest speakers

In addition to the various seminar series run by the Speech and Hearing research group, the Natural Language Processing research group, and our host department, the CDT runs two seminar series focused on Industrial R&D and Entrepreneurship and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Our recent talks have included:

Yvonne Soh

Co-founder and CEO, NoodleFactory

The practical dilemma, tech vs business in AI startups

Therése Svensson

Data science and AI ethics solution specialist, IBM

Trustworthy AI put into action

Alex Chan

CEO, Babbobox

Lies, damned lies and AI. But what are you doing to change the world? Views of an Asian perspective.

Dr Steve Beet

Principal R&D engineer, Aculab

Answering machine detection AI R&D in a commercial environment

Dr Catherine Breslin

Founder, Kingfisher Labs

Voice technology in industry

Dr Jason Baldridge

Research scientist, Google

Substantiating words

Alan Nichol

Co-founder, Rasa Technologies

What do developers need to build great conversational AI?

Professor Jochen Leidner

Director of research, Refinitiv, UK

NLP and ML applications for fun and profit